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Mitra9 | Kratom Seltzer | Tropical

Introducing the delightful allure of Mitra9 Tropical Kratom Seltzer. A tantalizing fusion of tartness and citrus notes, all without the burden of calories and fat. Revel in the effervescent harmony of this lightly carbonated kratom extract beverage. Skillfully infused with the invigorating essence of pineapple mango. The symphony of sweet and refreshing flavors finds perfect synergy with the pristine refreshment that defines Mitra9.

Immerse yourself in guilt-free indulgence with this vegan and gluten-free elixir that captures the tangy sweetness of tropical citrus fruits. An exquisite blend of tanginess and sweetness makes the Mitra9 Tropical Kratom Seltzer an ideal choice for any occasion, day or night.

Experience the invigorating tang and citrusy burst of our Tropical Kratom Seltzer, designed for effortless sipping and imbued with a refreshing tropical flair. Embrace its bold and fruity profile as it provides the ultimate thirst-quenching satisfaction on even the hottest days.

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