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About Us

About Hemp Haven ATL - Your CBD Dispensary

Roll up and soak up the irie vibes as you take a look inside.
Hemp Haven ATL is your ultimate CBD dispensary. 
Discover all of your favorite brands in one great place. 
Shop for top CBD oils, edibles, flower, lotions, capsules, creams and more!
Every product featured online and off is third-party lab tested for purity and potency.
Get High Quality Hemp CBD Delivered to Your Doorstep 

Meet Diana Padron: Founder, Hemp Haven ATL

The Story Behind the Brand
A store that started from a dream, Hemp Haven ATL is an evolution from a journey and a desire to share the power of plants with more people.
As long as I can remember, I’ve always loved growing, being outdoors, and connecting with nature.
Over time, my passion for plants blossomed.
Growing up Rastafarian, I understood the spiritual aspects of herb.
As my understanding of plant based medicine grew, so did my desire to share this knowledge with others.
My lifelong dream was to open a dispensary.
Yet, the laws where I lived were not there yet. 
Flash forward to 2016 and I see vapes flying off the shelves. 
Only thing is, I notice that many of them are filled with harmful toxins, chemicals, and don’t even last.
People want to smoke something.
Why not provide a more natural option, a superior product made in the USA, and a better shopping experience?
I started Umi Vapes and opened up shop here in Atlanta in 2017. 
My mission was simple, to provide a welcoming place where people can not only find great, natural products but learn how plants can impact their lives for the better.
I didn’t want to just open up another seedy smoke shop.
I wanted to create an open space and education center for all people to discover and experience the power of plants.
When I opened, I started with a small CBD section, it quickly grew.
I was fascinated by CBD and needed to know more.
As my understanding expanded, as did the demand.
Hemp CBD and Cannabinoids were helping people in so many ways!
It was time to go all in.
Well, you could say Hemp Haven ATL was born.
Your ultimate CBD dispensary.
We offer the best CBD brands and natural smoking products in one great place.
Visit our retail location here:
Every purchase you make supports this black owned family business’s dreams!
From my family to yours,
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