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Blazy Susan Premium King Slim-Purple


Blazy Susan King Slim Rolling Papers are high-quality rolling papers offered by Blazy Susan. These papers are designed to enhance your smoking experience with their slow burn, smooth texture, and unique pink color.Made in France from premium quality wood pulp, Blazy Susan King Slim Rolling Papers are easily recognizable by their distinctive pink coloration. They are non-GMO and vegan-friendly, ensuring a clean and eco-friendly smoking option.The King Slim size provides plenty of space for rolling and allows you to fully enjoy your herb. These papers deliver a slow and even burn, resulting in a smooth smoking experience without any aftertaste. They are flavorless and odorless, allowing you to fully appreciate the natural flavors of your chosen herb.Each pack of Blazy Susan King Slim Rolling Papers contains 50 sheets, providing you with ample supply for your smoking sessions. They are easy to roll and suitable for both novice and experienced smokers. 

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