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Hemp Haven ATL

Blazy Susan Premium 1 1/4 Pink


Blazy Susan 1.25 Rolling Papers are high-quality rolling papers offered by Blazy Susan. These papers are designed to provide a slow burn and a smooth smoking experience .Made in France using premium materials, Blazy Susan 1.25 Rolling Papers are vegan and non-GMO. They are crafted with a light to medium weight of 14.5gsm wood pulp, ensuring maximum self-stick and durability .The papers have been lightly dyed using natural materials to achieve a subtle but unmistakable pink hue, adding a touch of uniqueness to your smoking session. They come in a booklet with 50 leaves, offering more value compared to other rolling papers that typically contain only 32 leaves per booklet. Blazy Susan 1.25 Rolling Papers deliver a high-quality slow burn with minimal aftertaste. They are easy to roll, even for those who are not experienced rollers, and provide a smooth smoking experience. 
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