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Blazy Susan Carbon Filters Pink


Blazy Susan Carbon Filter Tips


Blazy Susan Carbon Filter Tips are a smoking accessory designed to enhance your smoking experience by filtering out harmful pollutants from your smoke. These filter tips are powered by Purize, a trusted brand known for their high-quality filtration products. The carbon filter tips are made with activated carbon, which helps to remove a large percentage of unwanted elements from your smoke, resulting in better-tasting herb and a smoother hit

The activated carbon is housed in ceramic caps, ensuring effective filtration and a clean smoking experience


Blazy Susan offers carbon filter tips in different sizes, including regular and extra slim, to accommodate different rolling preferences

 The tips are designed to be compatible with various rolling papers and can be easily added to your rolls for a convenient smoking experience. These filter tips are made with high-quality materials and are produced sustainably

They are vegan-friendly and do not contain nicotine or tobacco, making them a healthier option for smokers. Blazy Susan Carbon Filter Tips have gained popularity among smoking enthusiasts for their ability to provide a smoother and cleaner smoking experience. They are available in different quantities, such as 50ct and 100ct jars, allowing you to stock up and enjoy the benefits of activated carbon filtration for an extended period.

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