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Smoking Dog 500MG Brownie Mix


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Smoking Dog 500MG Brownie Mix

The Smoking Dog 500MG Brownie Mix is a premium blend offered by Ben’s Canna Wellness Boutique. This brownie mix combines exquisite flavor with the gentle uplift of hemp, providing an enjoyable and safe culinary adventure. Each brownie mix is infused with 500mg of top-tier THC, delivering a subtle euphoria and ensuring a pleasurable experience. The mix is designed for effortless preparation, allowing you to create delicious brownies with ease. The Smoking Dog Brownie Mix promises a rich flavor experience, exploring the luxurious depths of chocolate with each bite. It is crafted with premium hemp-derived THC, providing an indulgent and rewarding experience. Please note that availability may vary, and it is recommended to check with authorized retailers or Ben’s Canna Wellness Boutique for purchasing options.

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