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Melting Forest Energy-Mango Guava


Melting Forest Energy-Mango Guava

The Melting Forest Mango Guava Energy Drink is a vibrant and energizing beverage designed to elevate your day. This delightful drink combines the exotic and sweet flavors of ripe mangoes with the luscious taste of guava, creating a tropical taste sensation. It’s charged with 150mg of natural caffeine from green coffee beans, ensuring a smooth and steady energy boost

Melting Forest offers a line of mushroom-enhanced sparkling apoptogenic beverages, including their energy drinks. These drinks are sugar-free, sweetened with erythritol, and have between 5 and 15 calories per 12 oz can. The Mango Guava flavor is one of the enjoyable options available, providing a slightly earthy note along with its delicious taste

Please note that Melting Forest’s Mango Guava Energy Drink is a specific product and may have availability limitations depending on your location. 

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