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Kream HHC Mushroom Blend 3.5 Disposables

Kream + Faded Blue Lotus + White Lotus Extract Disposables are a highly potent and unique product that combines a proprietary blend of Blue Lotus Extract, White Lotus Extract, HHC, and fruit-derived terpenes. With a potent 3.5g blend, these disposables offer a balanced set of euphoric and relaxing effects that are utterly unique in the market. These disposables are available in six immensely flavorful options, providing users with a variety of choices to suit their preferences. The blend of Blue Lotus Extract and White Lotus Extract, combined with HHC and fruit-derived terpenes, creates a vaping experience that takes your clouds to new heights. The Blue Lotus Extract used in these disposables has a rich history, known for its use in ancient Egypt and its ability to provide a relaxed body high that can help with pain and insomnia. The White Lotus Extract, sourced from the Kashmir region of India, triggers a unique euphoric and trippy mind high, bringing about feelings of joy and happiness. Kream + Faded Blue Lotus + White Lotus Extract Disposables are designed to deliver a deeply relaxing and flavorful experience. Each inhale brings a wave of euphoria, making them perfect for unwinding after a long day or immersing yourself in the arts. The high-quality ingredients and commitment to excellence ensure that every puff delivers a smooth and flavorful experience.

Please note that the availability of specific flavors may vary, and it is recommended to check with authorized retailers or the Kream website for the available options.

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