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Delta-8 is considered to be 70% less psychoactive than THC. It gives a nice, clear-headed feeling because of it's low psychoactivity resulting in more of a body high and a buzz in the head. It is great for pain relief and sleep as well as improved appetite and reduced inflammation.


Delta-10 is a less intense high compared to Delta 8 & 9. It's primarily Sativa based and more of a body high like Delta 8. It's a great energizer if you need to stay active but still want a nice buzz. It's benefits are it's energy boosting and anxiety relieving. Great for a day of running errands or going out with friends.


THC-V is considered a super sativa. It is very energizing and along with that it brings an enhanced sense of wellbeing and alertness. So this makes it great for daytime use. Other benefits include feelings of euphoria and anxiety relief, and appetite stimulation.

Delta 6a10a

Delta 6a10a is similar to Delta 9 THC because it has the same molecular formula as Delta 9, just arranged differently. Because of this difference, it has its own distinct effects. Its effects include mental clarity, better focus, and energizing. It is also anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea, and anti-intoxicating.


HHC mimics Delta 9 and is a great cannabinoid to try before you get to Delta 9 if you're gradually increasing your tolerance. HHC is good for inflammation, sleep, pain relief and anxiety. It has very similar effects to Delta 9 THC which is why it is a very popular cannabinoid.